Anti-Bullying Accreditation

At the Leys Primary school we have zero tolerance to BULLYING. When anyone joins our school, they sign up to this agreement. We have the highest expectations of personal conduct and behaviour, and we expect all members of the school community to be role models and responsible citizens.

We have worked very hard to ensure all our pupils are safe from peer on peer abuse, improve the effectiveness of our anti-bullying practice in order to reduce hurtful behaviour and pupil vulnerability. In recognition of our efforts we were awarded the Hertfordshire Anti-Bullying Accreditation Award in 2016.

Our approach is to build positive relationships between peers through a ‘listening’ and ‘nurturing’ school. We take time to help the children to think about their emotions and behaviour.  We do this through:

•  Whole class circle time - children are able to discuss any problems that have happened.
•  Anti-bullying week - teachers set work to raise awareness of bullying and how to deal with it.
•  Peaceful Problem Solving cards - contains a script to help children solve problems calmly.
•  Protective behaviours lessons - helps children to know how to keep themselves safe through recognising their own feelings.
•  Social skills groups – builds confidence in making and maintaining friendships, teaching children valuable skills
•  Peer mentors – Trained by the school to provide positive support for their peers.

All staff have Anti-bullying induction when they join the school, to ensure they can recognise the ways Bullying can present itself:


We use our school policy to respond to any report of incidents in school, and within the community, in line with our zero tolerance policy.

Our children have been hard at work creating Anti-Bullying Literature

Anti-Bullying by Maya and Layla

Useful Links & Resources

A useful resource when speaking to your child about issues before reporting them to the school.

National bullying helpline -
This website has a number of useful resources including instructions on how to block and report instances of bullying on social media platforms:

Anti-Bullying Alliance -
This website has a number of resources on a range of topics including spotting the signs of bullying and what to do if your child is accused of being a bully.
There are also useful anti-bullying videos to access through their YouTube channel.
Click on this link to view the videos.

The Leys focused on creating a culture of kindness in the school through their understanding of our school values - Empathy and Respect.
Both staff and pupils received high-quality training from Greg Trout; The School of Kindness.

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